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A classic sauna design in your choice of wood, the pictured Fiora home sauna has horizontal thermo aspen dark wood walls with a lighter choice for the floor and open benches.

The walls show off the natural wood pattern while the bench and floor is knot free for cool comfort.


The Innsbruck sauna design looks to lighter wood in larger, vertical panels.

The bench design has beautiful, modern curves for comfort.


The ultra-modern, minimalist approach to design is reflected in the Lobos sauna. The pictured example shows 2 glass walls through which you can see the square wall panel features and the wood heater enclosure.


In this example, the sauna benches run parallel allowing for more people. The downlighting throughout is a feature which can be applied to any design.


The Sanama sauna model shown showcases an L shaped double bench with a wooden heater enclosure, traditional spruce knotted sectioned panelled walls

As well as downlighting under the benches, the atmosphere is enhanced with a feature LEd backlit salt wall.

Sauna FAQs

Where can you put a home sauna?

We can install a sauna anywhere, all we need is a flat finished floor. Our bespoke designs can be made for any room size. Outdoor saunas can be installed in garden rooms.

Can I mix and match between ranges?

Yes! Our ranges offer a starting point. You can take any element and put them together to suit your taste and budget.

What kind of wood is the best choice?

The wood choice largely depends on your taste as all our wood is kiln dried and suitable for a sauna. Dense wood is ideal for walls, light wood with minimal knots is ideal for benches.

Are your saunas bespoke or already built?

We custom build saunas to fit your space. We have ranges to use as a starting point, you can mix and match, choose the wood finish, feature walls, heater, controller and lighting.

Is a home sauna difficult to maintain?

There is nothing complicated about maintaining the sauna. We will give you full instructions and are available by phone if any issues arise.

Can I have steam in my home sauna?

Yes, this is a feature you can discuss with our designer.

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Buying a home sauna (or a commercial sauna) is an easy, step by step process. We will discuss the space, the features you require and build a design and quote for you. Get in touch today for advice.