Ergonomic design
Fully customisable
Modern detail

Door frame made of impregnated solid wood

Frameless door constructed with 8mm tempered transparent glass  

Fiora Features

Ergonomic Benches, headrests & wall backrest

Typical Innsbruck Configuration

Construction of Hemlock plywood vertical panels 56mm thick
• Tongue and grove system for optimum sealing. Temperature resistance up to 150 ° Celsius
• Thermal insulated inside with mineral wool and moisture insulated with aluminium foil
• Door frame made of impregnated solid wood
• Floor grill made of Abachi wood
• Full glass front panel of 8mm tempered transparent glass with solid wooden frame
• Door: 8mm tempered transparent glass no frame; wooden handle square profile
• Covered ergonomic Benches with wall backrest, made of Abachi or similar type with low heat
conductivity. Benches withstand the weight of 200 kg/m
• Headrest made of Abachi
• Sauna Led light along bench backrest
• Wall mounted heater
• Wooden accessories set – bucket with ladle, combined thermo-hygrometer, sand timer

Innsbruck Choices

Bespoke Home Sauna

Our ranges represent a starting point for designing your bespoke home sauna. We’ll guide you through the sauna wall and bench wood choices, heater options, flooring, lighting and extra features to make sure your sauna is perfect for you.

Wood Choices

Choose the right wood for your walls, benches and floor grill.

Choices include:
Spruce / White Pine / Thermo Aspen / Hemlock / Red Cedar wood

Sauna Heaters

Cylindrical heater
Wall mounted
Floor standing
Steam heater
Hidden heater (behind false wall)
Essence infusions

Optional guard (wood)


Choose from ceiling and under bench lighting, therapy and atmosphere lighting.

Salt walls:
For atmosphere, calming and detoxing.

Touch screen

Book a

Buying a home sauna (or a commercial sauna) is an easy, step by step process. We will discuss the space, the features you require and build a design and quote for you. Get in touch today for advice.