Modern Design

Stunning Cladding

Key Features

Vulcana: Relax in Elegance

Vulcana redefines the sauna experience, merging contemporary flair with impeccable craftsmanship and premium materials. The thermo-aspen walls, adorned in a rich golden hue with sleek surfaces, elegantly contrast with the dark embossed Ignite cladding, forging a tasteful and visually striking synergy. Alder Ignite cladding is judiciously incorporated on select feature walls, amplifying the inherent splendor of the thermo-aspen.

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, Vulcana prioritizes ease of use and wellness. The app-controlled heater streamlines operation, while the ergonomically angled backrest ensures comfort. The expansive glass frontage bathes the space in natural light, creating an invitingly bright and open ambiance.
Collaboratively designed with the esteemed Italian architect Luca Donazzolo, Libera promises a harmonious fusion of style and functionality.

Modern, Sleek Design:
Vulcana offers the ideal indoor sauna for contemporary homes, blending premium materials with sleek aesthetics to deliver a modern wellness experience.

Cladding Combination:
Enhancing Vulcana’s allure, the deep-golden thermo-aspen cladding panels harmonize with exquisite dark Ignite alder walls, creating a captivating contrast.

Developed in collaboration with the acclaimed producer HUUM, our CORE heater boasts various safety features, including a child lock and door sensor, ensuring peace of mind during sauna sessions.

HUUM UKU Glass Controller:
With UKU Glass, controlling your sauna’s heating and lighting has never been simpler. The control unit features multiple safety functionalities and a Wi-Fi connection to the Auroom mobile app, offering added convenience.

Interior LED Lighting:
Elevating the ambiance of the stylish Vulcana sauna, LED lighting integrated into the wall panels adds a bright touch of luxury.

Vulcana Choices

Bespoke Home Sauna

Our ranges represent a starting point for designing your bespoke home sauna. We’ll guide you through the sauna wall and bench wood choices, heater options, flooring, lighting and extra features to make sure your sauna is perfect for you.

Wood Choices

Choose the right wood for your walls, benches and floor grill.

Choices include:

Abachi / Spruce / White Pine / Thermo Aspen / Hemlock / Red Cedar wood

Sauna Heaters

Cylindrical heater

Wall mounted

Floor standing

Steam heater

Hidden heater (behind false wall)

Essence infusions

Optional guard (wood)



Choose from ceiling and under bench lighting, therapy and atmosphere lighting.

Salt walls:

For atmosphere, calming and detoxing.


Touch screen



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Buying a home sauna (or a commercial sauna) is an easy, step by step process. We will discuss the space, the features you require and build a design and quote for you. Get in touch today for advice.