4 Reasons to Have a Bespoke Home Sauna

Luxurious wellbeing and convenience

1. Invest in winding down and rejuvenating

Saunas are an excellent way to relax. Allowing time in your day for just being, in an environment which will leave you feeling rejuvenated is extremely valuable, especially in an age where we work long hours. Having a home sauna means you can easily take the time – minus any travel time and you can share the experience with family and friends.

An example of our Innsbruck model

2. Home Sauna Health Benefits

We aren’t a health and well-being authority, however using a sauna regularly is widely considered to offer great health and spiritual benefits. Health benefits are said to include detoxing, improved circulation, increase in metabolism, skin improvement (regeneration), weight loss, better sleep, stress reduction (through relaxation) and even better cardiovascular function. 

Having a sauna at home is an inexpensive way to adopt a healthy, mindful routine to you daily life and can benefit your friends and family.

3. A Bespoke Sauna Can be Made to Fit Your Space

The advantage of our bespoke sauna service is we we can adapt to the space you have. All we need is a flat finished floor. It can go upstairs, in a basement, in a garden room or next to your indoor swimming pool. 

4. A bespoke home sauna can be built to look exactly as you want

We use a wide range of materials to make your sauna. A sauna will be constructed primarily of wood – many of ours have one or two glass walls for natural light. 

We use kiln dry wood ranging from Aspen through to Spruce. Your wood choice will be an aesthetic one – although certain woods are more suitable for walls and others to your floor and bench. Aspen, for example, is less dense and has fewer knots – so it can be slightly smoother and cooler to sit on.

Feature walls are a popular addition, especially adding a salt wall. Not only do salt walls look incredible with lighting, they also offer a detoxification element to your home sauna experience. 

Our Sanama home sauna with salt wall

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Buying a home sauna (or a commercial sauna) is an easy, step by step process. We will discuss the space, the features you require and build a design and quote for you. Get in touch today for advice.