Sauna culture at home

Home saunas are becoming a part of UK culture

A traditional Finnish sauna is a dry heat room with benches designed for relaxation and health. Saunas are a regular part of life in Finland, but in the UK going to a public sauna or having a home sauna is something of a mystery. 

This is changing and sauna culture is taking hold in the UK. Having a home sauna is ideal because it’s there when you need it, you don’t have to worry about etiquette and you can use it social, for the whole family or enjoy it for some much needed solo breathing space.

Health benefits of a Sauna

Saunas are used for whole body thermo-therapy and have been used for health and spiritual well being for hundreds of years. Using a home sauna or a commercial one involves ritual, usually cooling off periods and regular rehydration.

Health benefits are said to include detoxing, improved circulation, increase in metabolism, skin improvement (regeneration), weight loss, better sleep, stress reduction (through relaxation) and even better cardiovascular function. 

Having a sauna at home is an inexpensive way to adopt a healthy, mindful routine to you daily life and can benefit your friends and family.

What is a home sauna made of?

A sauna will be constructed primarily of wood – many of ours have one or two glass walls for natural light. 

We use kiln dry wood ranging from Aspen through to Spruce. Your wood choice will be an aesthetic one – although certain woods are more suitable for walls and others to your floor and bench. Aspen, for example, is less dense and has fewer knots – so it can be slightly smoother and cooler to sit on.

Where can a Sauna be placed in the home?

Anywhere is the answer. Because Sauna Plus designs your home sauna especially for your requirements, if there is a flat finished floor, we can place a sauna. People often have them as part of an indoor pool, in a basement or a garden room. Our designer will talk you through it and make sure everything is in place.

Book a

Buying a home sauna (or a commercial sauna) is an easy, step by step process. We will discuss the space, the features you require and build a design and quote for you. Get in touch today for advice.